Entertainment – Blockbuster Movies 2012

Entertainment – Blockbuster Movies 2012

Must Watch and Most Anticipated Movies of 2012 :

The Living Guru is a lifestyle blog and it would not be complete without giving our readers something that has become part and parcel of our everyday’s life… yes – Movies.  There are too many out there so I will just make recommendations based on the most obvious big budget and sure win movies.   Live, learn and enjoy!


Number 1 Recommendation : The Bourne Legacy

featuring a new Bourne


Number 2 Recommendation : Der Chinese

featuring an all International top cast


Number 3 Recommendation : The Wrath of the Titans (sequel to Clash of Titans)


Number 1 Recommendation : The Avengers

featuring Thor, Captain America and more!

These are my recommendations for 2012 – living life is also about having some relaxation! Enjoy!

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