Father’s Day Poems And Stories For Kids

Father’s Day Poems And Stories For Kids

Father’s Day Short Poems and Short Funny Stories For Kids


Let’s start with a fun short Father’s Day Poem with a Tongue Twister :

Perhaps written by an older child for younger kids,  this style of poem is sure to bring smiles and a few guffaws, to all who hear it.  Simply select any letter of the alphabet and then think of words that describe Daddy and begin with that letter.  The more the words you come up with the better is the tongue twister.  Then have the kids practise saying the words as fast as possible, preferably with out cracking-up.  Try this example for practice :

Dearest Daddy dear drags dreary dragons, dares demons, dives deep into diaper duty, and demonstrates devotion to darling dimpled daughters.


Next let’s consider a Limerick

While this could be a little difficult and is probably better suited for an older child or teen, a limerick could be a very funny and meaningful way to pay tribute to Daddy.  For instance

There once was a father named Fred
Who had little hair on his head
But he opened tight lids
And loved all his kids
And tucked them each night in their beds.


Father’s Day Funny Poems

















There’s a time to love and a time to hate.

There’s a time to be early and a time to be late.
There’s a time to go steady and a time to just date.
There’s a time to fish and a time to cut bait.
There’s a time to open presents and a time to wait.
There’s a day to tell you, Dad,
You’re Great!
Happy Father’s Day!


Father’s Day Poem For Little Girl

A little girl needs Daddy
For many, many things:
Like holding her high off the ground
Where the sunlight sings!
Like being the deep music
That tells her all is right
When she awakens frantic with
The terrors of the night.

Like being the great mountain
That rises in her heart
And shows her how she might get home
When all else falls apart.

Like giving her the love
That is her sea and air,
So diving deep or soaring high
She’ll always find him there.



Father’s Day Funny Short Stories From Kids

“Daddy, Daddy, can I have another glass of water please?”
“But I’ve given you 10 glasses of water already!”
“Yes, but the bedroom is still on fire!”


“My Dad thinks he wears the trousers in our house, but it’s always Mum who tells him which pair to put on!”


Father’s Day Touching Story For Kids  – The Prodigal And Hardworking Sons

Fathers day poems and stories for kidsDaddy had 2 sons – Hardworking and Lazy.

Lazy son didn’t want to work, and asked daddy for daddy’s fortune to be shared with him.

Lazy son took away the money, squandered and lost all the money.  One day, out of desperation as he had nowhere to sleep and nothing to eat, he decided to ask daddy for forgiveness – he would be happy if Daddy took him in as a servant to work.

To Lazy son’s surprise, Daddy rushed out to meet him when Daddy saw him coming back… and Daddy hugged him and kissed him…. totally forgiving him and giving him love.

Hardworking son spent days and nights working at the field, looking after daddy’s farms with great love and care.

He was shocked when he saw Daddy rushing to welcome Lazy son back home….and totally sad that Daddy was showing favourtism…

When Hardworking son asked Daddy why he was so unfair, Daddy said : “Son, ALL that I have IS yours…”

Dear Readers : Your daddy will always love you and give you the best.  Sometimes if you don’t know and don’t ask, you don’t realise that he’s given you everything.



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