Entertainment – Blockbuster Movies 2012

Entertainment – Blockbuster Movies 2012 Must Watch and Most Anticipated Movies of 2012 : The Living Guru is a lifestyle blog and it would not be complete without giving our readers something that has become part and parcel of our everyday’s life… yes – Movies. ¬†There are too many out there so I will just make recommendations based on the most obvious big budget and sure win movies. ¬† Live, learn and enjoy!  ...

Best Movie of 2011

Best Movie of 2011 This year, the best movie is going to be tough to decide! We have : Fright Night – a super 80s re-make starring Colin Farrell as a vampire! The 80s version was the one which successfully started the slew of horror movies combined with a comedic slant. Thor – The God of Thunder aka Singapore’s new Worker’s Party hero – Thor is a different breed of Superhero movie....